ZerO2Nature - DeToX the Planet

How to start developing ZerO2Nature projects?

1. First of all, register and then log into the ZerO2Nature system:

2. When logging into the ZerO2Nature system, you will be redirected to the Control Panel, where you will find a few options. Fill in the form to request the Development Platform and you will be allowed access after payment of a one-time setup fee of €50.00.


3. Feel free to initiate a test project by clicking on the New Project icon. A project development tutorial will soon be available.

Dev Panel

4. With the ZerO2Nature Project Development platform you will have total vision over all the steps required to complete a PDD. This will save you time, money and guarantee the thoroughness of your project. The Project Development Platform is connected to ZerO2Nature accredited certifiers adding to the efficiency and speed of the whole process.

Dev Panel 2