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As simple as a clip!

by Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik


In 1899, a Norwegian named Johan Vaaler supposedly invented the paper clip. The novelty caused such a furor in the country that during World War II, men and women wore a clip on the lapel as a symbol of resistance against the Nazi offensive.

As the Italians say, whether it´s true or not, the story is still very good.

In 2017, the first green alternative currency comes to market, the DTUcoin (DTX).  The generation process is absolutely-complicated and the concepts used are absolutely unorthodox. But the science is solid.  The concepts are heterodox, but perfect.  The result is phenomenal.

Imagine a virtual coin.  Exactly like Bitcoin but, rather than based on computer hours and use of electricity, this coin is based on the removal of pollution. This coin is the DTX.
From another perspective, you can imagine that all the major manufacturing plants in the world have an insurance policy that covers accidents. Well. Imagine now that each of these factories implement projects to remove their pollution, and thereby generate DTX.

All the pollution produced by all these manufacturing plants today is nothing more than waste. Environmental liabilities, negative anthropic emissions, pure and simple garbage.  And garbage is rubbish, it isn´t good for anything, except to causing problems.

In 2015, industries and businesses in the USA paid a total of US$600 billion in insurance policies related to the Property & Casualty segment.  And here comes the "clip" of this story, or the DTX.  When waste from one productive cycle is recycled to be used in another productive cycle, DTXs are generated.  These manufacturing plants would then invest in the recycling and reuse of their environmental liabilities.  The money resulting from the removal of pollution is non-existent today and it is exactly with this non-existing money that the manufacturing plant will pay for the insurance policy!

For its part, a DTX is worth €60.5215 today (November 8, 2017).  If the insurance policy of one of these manufacturing plants represents a disbursement of - let's say - €2 million, the insurer will receive 33,046 DTX.  But the manufacturing plant will pay the bill with money that it does not have today, and probably with a tenth of the value of the policy, will implement a project that will generate more DTX than will be required to pay the insurer.

And being a financial institution, it is certain that the insurer will create a DTX fund from which will appear several market instruments that will incorporate even more wealth into the system.

To conclude, the completeness of the anthropic productive cycle on Earth, represents the emergence of a mirror of the economy, which we call the diseconomy.  The diseconomy creates a market that is as strong as the economy, generating wealth and guaranteeing the future of employment.  In time, as simple as a clip!

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