ZerO2Nature - DeToX the Planet


by Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik


In times of politically correct dictatorship, it should not be easy to be Donald Trump. As it is not easy to live in a world where Donald Trump is the most powerful man on the planet, having at his daily reach the "nuclear football".

“Where are we going to end?" aside, the feeling of being first is fantastic. Certainly, the search for excellence is a part of our DNA, overcoming and improving; after all, this is how we evolve. And here we come back to the politically correct. Do we live in a phase of such mediocrity that we should be ashamed to be first, rich or simply successful? Although schools in the US and Brazil insist on their policies of "not leaving anyone behind," life is not a war, but a journey toward excellence. That's what our DNA dictates!

In the Netherlands, the education system adopts meritocracy, and although the power given to elementary school teachers is questionable, they will decide whether the child goes to VMBO (basic, pre-vocational education, with 4 grades), HAVO (higher general continued education, with 5 grades) or VWO (preparatory scholarly education, with 6 grades), which prepares pupils for universities and becoming the intelligentsia of the country; the system itself seems much more suited to our need for challenges.

The feeling of winning is intoxicating.  As intoxicating is the feeling of creating, of self-surpassing, of shining.  Not that this should bring in itself the arrogance, stupidity or any other characteristic of people who, at their core, do not believe that they are entitled to a certain position by own merit.

The real winners, those who stand out because of their talent or intelligence are, as a rule, simple people. When I was studying quantum mechanics at ETH, I had the privilege of having as a mentor, Professor Valentine Telegdi, a man of a breathtaking brilliance and a teacher with a heart touching humility.  I thank every day for having had the fortune of spending time around him.

The politically correct should certainly be about respecting limits; but also about rewarding intelligence, evolution, creativity; that which makes everyone's life so much better. Politically correct is to keep in mind that my right begins where yours ends.  As the fantastic French people celebrate, Vive la différence!

Since 9/11, the insurance industry has undergone fundamental changes and, despite its dizzying growth and consequent power in the business world, the last few years have required fundamental changes in this, which is one of the most traditional industries in the global economy.

In 2015, the first green alternative currency, the DTUcoin (DTX), emerges in the world. The result of a complex standard of negative emissions removal accounting, which operates as a mirror of the economy as proposed by Adam Smith, but which finds practical utility only with the ZerO2Nature system, the DTX is evolution, it is first, it is a watershed in our civilization, which not only has the potential to double world GDP but also to solve the problem of the future of employment.

Considering that gasoline is no longer just waste to be dumped in rivers with the invention of the internal combustion engine, DTX finds its perfect application with the insurance industry.

I explain. Let's say that the soluble coffee factory Cacique wants to renew its insurance policy for 2018. Quotes will be made with insurers A, B and C; which operate similarly and the one that has the best price cannot offer a discount of more than 20%.  Just to make it easier to understand, let's say the best price for the insurance policy is €2 million.

In 2015, the insurance companies, from first to fifth place in the Property & Casualty segment in USA were: State Farm Mutual (US$62.0 billion and represents 10.2% of the market), Berkshire Hathaway (US$33.3 billion and represents 5.4% of the market), Liberty Mutual (US$32.2 billion and represents 5.3% of the market), Allstate ($30.8 billion and represents 5.0% of the market) and Progressive (US$ 23.9 billion and represents 3.9% of the market).

Well, back to our Cacique factory, and DTX's perfect marriage to the insurance industry, let's say Progressive proposed the following deal:

PROGRESSIVE: -Cacique, instead of paying € 2 million for the coverage of your activities in 2018, you will invest about € 200 thousand in a project to remove and recycle your coffee grounds. This process will generate the alternative green currency DTUcoin (DTX) and you pay me, the € 2 million policy with the generated DTX.

CACIQUE: What do you mean, Progressive? I invest in a project that will remove my negative emissions, which will allow me to communicate to my end consumer that I am a "green industry"; I'm going to generate this virtual currency, which I understand, is a green bitcoin, and with these DTX I'm going to pay my € 2 million premium? Or rather, with an investment of € 200 thousand, I implement a project that will literally generate, from my trash, your € 2 million?

PROGRESSIVE: Exactly. The market value of DTX on November 7, 2017, is €57,1574 ( ).  You implement the project that, say, will generate 40,000 DTX per year.  For 2018, you pay me with 34,991 DTX and still keep the change of 5,009 DTX or the equivalent of € 286,301.00.  That is, with the €200 thousand you will generate all the DTX you need to pay my insurance policy and still generate an additional revenue of almost €300 thousand.

Bringing the example of insurers A, B and C to a closer reality, let's say A, B, and C are State Farm, Berkshire Hathaway, and Liberty.  While the group's best offer is a 20% discount, Progressive proposes that Cacique make an investment of 10% of the value of the policy, communicate with his end consumer that he is a nature-friendly company, while still making an additional income with the use of environmental liabilities created during its productive cycle.

And Progressive awakens to the prospect of being first.

ZerO2Nature, because it´s unique.