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Patrizia Tomasi-Bensik

Engineer and physicist, Patrizia is one of the founders of the ZerO2Nature system.

Patrizia has a PhD in Chemistry, a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering and a University Extension in Quantum Mechanics (ETH – Department of Physics, Higher Technical School, Zurich, Switzerland)

Currently, CEO of Planck E International, member of the ZerO2Nature Executive Committee and technical expert for the UNFCCC.


The Epiconomy and the Future of Employment Published 2017-06-20

The Epiconomy starts with the marriage of ideas conceived by Adam Smith and Richard Dawkins. In the bible of the Economy, “The Wealth of the Nations”, Smith honors us with a profound study of human nature, almost as if our justification for existence is the act of negotiation. Continue...

Why Should I Know More About Diseconomies? Published 2016-09-22

In the mid-nineteenth century, whale oil used for lighting became very expensive due to predatory hunting. The quest for a new fuel source that could guarantee lighting was urgent and thus began the oil industry. Continue...

The Nature of Carbon Credits Published 2016-07-13

Ultimately, carbon credits arise as a consequence of a project which aims to mitigate GHG emissions.  The orthodox approach reflects an encumbrance to the whole process of generating carbon credits. Continue...

How Do We Become ZerO2Nature? Published 2016-03-01

To answer this question we will have to defy some paradigms, starting with engineering itself. Classical engineering is linear, Aristotelian logic, dividing the whole in parts and narrowly analysing each one of them. Continue...

How To Effectively Assess an Environmental Project? Published 2015-11-05

The objective of this assessment is to inform the general public about the minimal conditions of evaluating a project that supposedly reduces or eliminates greenhouse gas (“GHG”) and/or other anthropic negative emissions. Continue...